Business Incubation

Business Incubation

It’s broadly accepted that Business Incubators can increase survival rates of startups dramatically. Claritaz Business Incubator (CBI) provides support and all forms of infrastructure to small business that are just starting out. We also provide a conducive environment for business ideas to be conceived.

In addition to providing physical space, Claritaz significantly supports these startups, with services such as business counselling, management assistance, mentoring, help in preparing effective business plans, administrative services, technical support, business networking, and help in securing sources of financing.

Claritaz plays a part in the start-up ecosystem by offering essential support to promising business ventures. Our goal is to increase the chances of success of a start-up by shortening the time-to-market phase and save on the cost of establishing and growing a business.

Virtual Business Incubator

Startup companies fall into two categories, the first of which are companies that need a daily physical location. These companies become in-house incubator startups. Other companies need occasional access to the incubator facilities but also need the network, support, finance, and services that the incubator provides.

Claritaz Virtual Incubator also serves as a resource for those looking to startup their own company but are not yet at the stage where they are ready to offer daily office space for those clients. CBI offers the following services for startups:

Location / Mailing Address

Administrative Support

Technical Expertise

Meeting Resources


Mentor Guidance

Office Solutions

Networking Support

Business Incubator Services

Claritaz Business Services


  • Secretary or Assistant
  • Courier / Mail / Business Address
  • Receptionist Duties
  • Photocopying
  • Clerical / Filing / Fixing
  • Telephone Answering

Infrastructure &

  • Office Space
  • Internet
  • Conference
  • Telephone
  • Security
  • Electricity
Business Services


  • Business Idea Feasibility Analysis
  • Business Model/Strategy Assistance
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Pre-Incubation Services
  • Product Prototyping, Design & Development
  • Legal Assistance
Financing & Access to Finance

Financing & Access to Finance

  • Accounting & financial Management
  • FUND RAISING, Access to
    Venture Investors
  • Seed Investment Capital
  • Crowd Funding Services
Connectivity & Networking

Connectivity & Networking

  • Mentoring & Access to
    network of Mentors
  • Coaching
  • Linkages to Strategic Partners
  • Network of External
    Providers, fellow
  • Management Team Identification
  • Advisory Boards

Our Incubatees

Property Management / Realestate / Consulting
Propertism focus on NRI and other Indians who find it really difficult to manage their assets when they are far from the Nation, Propertism extends a helping hand to do the same with cutting edge technologies.

Social Media / Mobile app / Entertainment
Proformil Builds Products/apps for millennials who are always lookout for newer things.

Degree M
Healthcare / IoT
Degree M Focus on Building a affordable solution to temperature monitoring through remote. And that too, on a LIVE basis.

Pucca Homes
Realestate / Consulting
Pucca Homes connect builder, buyer and banker on digital platforms to provide an absolutely transparent view on entire real estate transaction process.

ABOUT Claritaz

Claritaz TechLabs is a spin-off of the successful Quadruple Business Services Private Limited.

The company is ideally poised to hand hold a start-up while it takes its first steps until it makes significant progress along the way.

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