AngularJS Development

AngularJS Development

Our experienced OOJS team (Object Oriented Java Script) has expertise in all the AngularJS related technologies, including the following

  • Extensive knowledge on MVC, MVVM Javascript frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, ReactJS, Ionic etc.
  • Full stack cross-platform mobile app development, using ionic.
  • REST API driven, complex single page web application development with MongoDB on the backend

We believe in delivering quality products, and all our clients are testimony to the fact. We have a skilled team who have created amazing AngularJS products again and again.

We provide AngularJS development solutions for mobile and web applications to create application that only requires HTML, CSS & JavaScript to the client side with better architectural design which is easy to maintain and test with multiple devices. We have expert team for Hire AngularJS Developer with different hiring models and get done your complex job with easy steps. We deliver perfect AngularJS App Solutions and right attitude with highest level of quality for your complex business application demand.

Unlike jQuery, AngularJS is not a library. Instead it is a new open source JavaScript framework developed, maintained by Google.

Benefits using AngularJS in your next projects:

  • Save time with reusing markup language elements.
  • Develop localization based Application.
  • MVC based framework for client side programming.
  • Get two way data binding and synchronization with MODEL and DOM.
  • REST friendly – More HTML Vocabulary
  • It’s Open Source under Apache License Version 2.0
  • Better testing environment with adding Unit Testing in front-end code.
  • Lowering the development time for your apps development within a modular style

ABOUT Claritaz

Claritaz TechLabs is a spin-off of the successful Quadruple Business Services Private Limited.

The company is ideally poised to hand hold a start-up while it takes its first steps until it makes significant progress along the way.

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