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Artificial Intelligence Development Company in India, Custom Chatbot

Leading Artificial Intelligence Development Company in India providing solutions on Machine Learning, Custom Chatbots, NLP, Image Recognition, Fault Detection.

Artificial Intelligence

A combination that was once thought of to be an oxymoron is right now one of the most common buzzwords in the field of technology. We are talking about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence brings about a revolution in the field of technology. While most of the technology has been aiming to jettison human efforts in monotonous and mundane tasks, artificial intelligence takes care to relieve the human effort in even a few logical areas where human intervention was once thought to be inevitable. Artificial intelligence or AI it is commonly abbreviated, is the art and science of deploying automation combined with machine learning from data to address a logical situation where a solution is needed.

We enable your business to leverage the power of new age technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, so you can relax and watch the magic of automation work its wonders!

Natural Language Processing?

Intelligence is groomed by information and it is how the information is given in that determines the intensity of artificial intelligence. Given the fact that we communicate with languages and languages serve as the epicenter of conveying our ideas, Language Processing as conversational as it can be is one of the things that makes artificial intelligence more interesting.

This aspect, known as Natural Language Processing or NLP is a subset of artificial intelligence. Natural Language Processing can teach the Machines to listen to human conversations in a practical way and comprehend the meaning out of it in a logical or technical way.

Natural Language Processing, if applied accurately, can help in a variety of industries and segments including retail, telecommunication, E-Commerce and in various regions like sales, support, and marketing.

Machine Learning?

It is not just about system learning to do a process once but also being able to recognize if the same thing happens again and apply the same kind of solutions to make it a continuous process. This method by which the system learns to replicate solutions for identical situations and also to evolve at its own solutions by using data is called machine learning. Machine learning is considered to be one of the biggest manifestations of Artificial Intelligence and is considered to be a proof of Concept. Our team specializes in building machine learning solutions for your business. Machine learning eliminates quite a lot of human intervention and also makes the process tighter and more accurate.

Image recognition

It is not always that the information that is required is available as text. Sometimes, it is about an image. The image might at times, container text embedded within it. At other times, the image in itself will tell a story. It is quite human to associate an image with a text or a word without much of intervention. If artificial intelligence has to be effective, it is important for the system to have a robust image recognition engine. This will enable the AI engine to process the information irrespective of the format in which it is presented. This will also help index a lot of information and give suitable solutions especially in the field of electronics and medicine.

We specialize in building image recognition engines that learn the images and also correlate data to give the right solutions with every passing day!

Claritaz brings you a team of Engineers who have been working in this area for quite some time. We have succeeded in developing a chatbot that could adapt itself to any industry. The natural language processing capabilities of the bot make it seem like you are interacting with a human and it is effectively taken care of by the flawless connection you can draw between the human language and machine perceptions from our robust back-end system.

We enable your business to leverage the power of new age technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, so you can relax and watch the magic of automation work its wonders!

Customized chatbots

Just like any learner, chatbots also have different buckets of applications and different business requirements. We specialize in creating customized chatbots in accordance with your specifications and requirements. Our design team will help you in giving you the best for a conversational User experience. Starting right from the questions to accumulating data from conversations, our chatbot functions as a full-fledged communication agent. Also, the intelligence of the chatbots taken care to transfer the conversation to a human being at the right moment!

Customized back-end management

As much as the boats need to be customized, the end system also needs to be customized according to the functionalities and requirements of the chatbot. Our technical team specializes in creating customized back-ends that will act as a perfect support system for your bot and delight your customer with every conversation!

With artificial intelligence taking over a lot of processes and gathering data to make the processes better with every instance of execution, our engineers will make sure that you are not just poised to join the race but also find success in your journey of artificial intelligence!