The Science of Startups

To the casual observer, startups might seem like a new phenomenon. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the first known use of the word “start-up” dates back to 1845. Sure, it didn’t mean what it does now back then, but the basic connotation has been the same. The 1845 usage defines “start-up” as “the act or an instance of setting in operation or motion”. As you can see, the meaning hasn’t changed much since then, but the stakes are definitely higher when it comes to today’s definition of “startups”.

Each and every field has a tipping point, a clear and concise point on its timeline that demarcates the field from its formative years to the year it burst into public consciousness. For astronomy, it was the heliocentric theory proposed by Copernicus. For physics, it was Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. For computers, it was the invention of the microchip. But when it comes to modern-day business, there is no such single defining moment. First came the barons and tycoons; then came the Silicon Valley found-a-billion-dollar-company-in-a-garage wunderkinds; following them were the millennials who didn’t let the lack of funds halt their dreams. It was these millennials that ushered in the era of startups and have burst into public consciousness through their sheer lack of fear and insatiable hunger for innovation.

With the rise of startups came Startup Services, the guiding force for many startups with a vision and no funds to advance further. Startup services offer startups the initial momentum to gain market advantage and continue their location in the market, thanks to the expert guidance and consultation provided by them for startups. For every startup that has made it big and has impacted our lives in a positive manner, we have a startup service to thank, as it is the initial stages of a company that makes or breaks it. As long as innovators are alive in this world, startup services would be present, encouraging them and helping them realize their dreams and fulfill their potential.

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