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Facebook Marketing

By a considerable distance, Facebook remains the largest social media marketing platform. Facebook boasts of a user base that accounts for about one-fifth of the world population and is larger than a few countries by user account.

What makes Facebook Powerful?

  • Presence across all Technologies and segments - With the access available on desktop, smartphone platforms and even feature phone platforms, Facebook reaches all levels of users when it comes to online exposure.
  • The intensity of exposure - An average user spends about 20 minutes on Facebook on a daily basis. In addition to this average exposure, there are a lot of users who passively consume Facebook while on their cab drives or commute.
  • User base - Facebook has about 2 billion users across the globe and there are some cities that have a user base of more than 5 million. This makes Facebook the most widely adopted social network.
  • Native advertising platform - The intensity of demographic information makes Facebook one of the most lucrative advertising platforms. Facebook means that you can forget a person belonging to a certain age and gender, living in a certain city and in a particular relationship status

Marketing with Facebook


Since marketing is all about establishing your presence in a place where people hang out, Facebook becomes one of the most preferred and important tools for marketing. It won't be an exaggeration to say that Facebook forms a major chunk of any social media marketing plan. In addition to the engagement, the depth of demographic data on Facebook also becomes a tool for precisely targeted advertising.

Claritaz brings you the combination of expertise and empathy that makes your Facebook marketing efforts holistic. Our team of content writers, advertisers, and social media analyst ensure that your social media presence engaging, lucrative and timely. We also make sure that your FB page is regular and in line with the Trends of time.

Our Facebook marketing activities

Engaging maintenance of Facebook page

The popularity of page with engaging contents that might include images, videos and sometimes, testimonials of your users. Our team of analysts ensures that they are ahead of time when it comes to the trends.

Capitalizing on engagement elements

We maximize the use of the like comment and share options on Facebook to make sure that your engagement is at the highest and if possible, even to collect leads and remarketing data for your marketing efforts.

Targeted advertising

Our Facebook ad experts take care to study your product, your user base and your product or services’ sentiments to understand how your product can be advertised to which kind of users. After this research, and ad plan is created to define your audience and your goals to maximize the return on investment for your advertising.


Facebook is all about how you can reach people with the right message at the right time and it requires the expertise of social media management Agencies like ours to get your business the maximum that Facebook has got to offer!

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