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Hybrid App Development

Today, the secret of success for any business is getting more than with less. The legs could be in terms of resources on time. One thing that holds the world of witnesses today is the importance and relevance of mobiles and especially applications. With Android and Apple ruling the mobile ecosystem, it is essential for any business to develop applications that run on these two platforms.

However, developing applications that are specific alligator independently for these two can be a cumbersome process. Hybrid app development is the answer that we are looking for to this situation. Hybrid app development incorporates the use of frameworks to create applications that can flawlessly blend with both the platforms ie. Android and IOS.

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Claritaz hybrid application development


Claritaz brings in a team of experts hybrid app developers and the expertise of our team makes us one of the best hybrid app development companies. The specialty of a hybrid application lies in building and innovative user interface that redefined the way users interact with the application but at the same time, not compromise on the best practices of User experience.

Our developers make sure that we develop the best applications in the hybrid app development process that we have and also go an extra mile to create or apps compliant with not just Android and IOS but also Windows and blackberry which still hold a small yet considerable market share. Our experience of having worked with multiple industries and having understood different kinds of users makes us get the best of Technology and usability in your hybrid application.

Different types of applications

Choosing the right application for your business and for your idea might be the most difficult part Of the application development. There are different businesses that have different visions and missions that require different steps. It is important to make sure that the application that is being built complies with the requirements of your business. There are different types of applications.

This will also show you why hybrid app is one of the most preferred types of application!

Native application

There are applications that are built with the strict and stringent norms of coding that are mandated by the platforms default language. This kind of applications are called native application. For example, the native application of Android will be written in Java and that of iOS will be written in Swift.

Hybrid application

True to its name, the hybrid application brings you the best of both worlds. It is a blend of the offerings of the web application and the native application. essentially a hybrid application is a web application that is packed in the native code. Hybrid applications can offer high-end processing and with our capabilities, it is possible to deliver hybrid applications that are 100% customize and are designed to work efficiently and flawlessly on all the mobile devices and platforms.

Web application

Web application runs on the mobile browser and they offer extended capabilities in terms of control of database and ease of access. Also, the app doesn't have to be proactively updated by the user. However, this kind of application is not capable of accessing the built-in features that the native app gives access to.

Your robust and awesome mobile application that is suited for all platforms is just an enquiry away. In our enquiries and our business, we are quite hybrid as well! Be taken enquiry through form, phone or email and what you get in return is an awesome plan for your business that manifests itself in a hybrid application... And that is how we look at it!!

Why hybrid?

Developing a hybrid application is one of the best things that can happen to the mobile ecosystem of your business. There are a few advantages that make Hybrid application absolute bliss.

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    Better User experience at the same cost

    Uses mostly do not care about the platform or the background of the application. All they need is an amazing application that gets their work done! Then you develop hybrid applications, you create your application for multiple platforms without an increase in cost. This would mean that you get make your presence felt on multiple devices with the same creation cost.

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    Faster market reach

    You have already saved money with the development. Since you need to develop the app only once, you have a greater possibility of hitting the market quicker and making better profits in addition to increasing the usage and engagement of your application.

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    A/B testing

    Hybrid applications help you test the app for multiple environments and multiple devices.

All the utility is now handy, literally! There is an app for everything. We help create intuitive and interesting mobile applications that will augment the utility of your business.

The Claritaz way

Building a hybrid application is not just about technology but about understanding your business! We make sure that we go the extra mile to understand what your business is all about to build a mobile application that is best suited for a large chunk of your audience and at the same time, giving you the advantage of the flexibility that does not translate into any loss in brand or business.

It is our focus on the customer and the usability that makes us one of the best hybrid app development companies in Chennai!