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Google AdWords

The Claritaz Google AdWords team helps you go live with Google AdWords in the shortest possible time. With our experts who analyze your website, discuss the budget and keywords and set up Google AdWords, you can expect the visits to start falling in overnight literally!

PPC advertising

One of the most tangible indicators of the popularity of a business in the online realm is the number of visits that the website gets. It is these visits to the website that get translated into leads or sales. Needless to mention, the quality of visits of the website in addition to the numbers can also bring about the constructive impact in Search Engine Optimisation.

However, it might not always be possible to get this website visits through organic means. It is for this reason that pay-per-click advertising is in place. Pay per click or PPC as it is commonly abbreviated is the method of getting visits to your website through clicks for which you have to pay.

Pay per click advertising can be affected on almost all platforms including but not limited to search, social media and content. However, in a broad sense, pay per click advertising refers to the search engine marketing or more commonly, Google AdWords.

Advantages of Google AdWords

Google AdWords gives you an easy route to find your place on the search results page which might otherwise be difficult, tedious, cumbersome and time-consuming if taken in the organic part.

Google AdWords gives you accountability and measurability. While the clicks and the sources of the click can be tracked to the keyword level, the installation of conversion tracking also helps you trace the keywords that gave rise to conversions. This makes it easier for you to make important decisions on the investments for your advertising.

Google AdWords gives you flexibility and control as you can completely take command over the times on which your ads will run, the places and platforms on which your ads will show and more importantly, the amount that you would like to spend on your advertising.

Different facets of Google AdWords

While Google AdWords was primarily started as an advertising option parallel to organic search, with the growing adoption and face of the internet, it has diversified into various options.

01 Search advertising

This is the most classical example of Google AdWords. A set of keywords is chosen which are isolated to be relevant to business and closer to conversion or sale. Upon users searching for this keyword at the specified location and times, the ad shows up.

02 Shopping ads

Shopping ads come in handy for e-commerce businesses. Google gives you an option to convert or buy right from the search results itself and what makes it even better is that Google shopping ads list the vendor and the price which are considered to be two of the most important factors in a person making a Purchase Decision.

03 Video ads

With YouTube being acquired by Google, and videos also serving as one of the parameters to judge a person's affinity and interest, Google AdWords partners with YouTube in hosting video ads. Video ads help tell a story and can be either featured before or during video playing on YouTube. Since YouTube videos can be embedded in other websites, video ads can also be shown on those sites as well.

04 Display advertising

Display advertising refers to the ads that you see on third party websites which are hosted by Google. This enables your business to reach beyond search engines and with the flexibility of targeting either by the website content or the behavior of the person, you can ensure that the add acquires a greater depth in its presence.

05 Universal app ads

In the world of business that is dominated by mobile applications is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customer. These Universal app campaigns ensure that you increase the installation for your mobile application or increase the engagement on a pre-existing mobile application. The best part about these Universal app campaigns is that you can pay only for installation.

06 Setting up Google AdWords

The Google AdWords expert team at Claritaz, which also comprises of Google Certified Partners will study your website, your keywords which are basically the terms that people use to search for your services on Google and other search engines, and the competitors. Based on this, our team arrives at a structure.

Campaigns are where the target, the budgets and the method of running ads is arrived at. Under campaigns, we have ad groups where you can set up the ads and keywords. The bid for each keyword can also be individually set to maximize your visibility and better return on investment.

Google AdWords might seem like child's play which actually is. However, the difference is in terms of how effectively you can utilize and exploit all the features to maximize your return on investment and this is where the expertise, empathy and the effectiveness of Claritaz comes in point Count On Us to create a complete Google AdWords strategy and effect it for you so that you can not only see it go live but also see the results.

In today's world when there is a constant need for reach and recognition, digital marketing is the answer! SEO and other digital marketing services give you the limelight of reach and branding.