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Startup Application Development

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The different phases

The concept of engineering a product has its own distinction. I'm like software development, it has its own set of phases that are designed to exclusively look at the challenges that a project engineer would face at different instances of the product development cycle.


A product has to be designed to solve a real-world problem, and the solution should be conceptually viable. The concept serves as the cornerstone of product engineering. A product that finds hiccups and flaws at the concept state itself might not progress to the next level.

Proof of concept

The proof might not be in the pudding for a product but in the proof of concept, or POC as it is commonly abbreviated. The proof of concept demonstrates that whatever has been understood and ideated at the concept-level can find real-world applications in solving a practical problem.

There are certain products that might choose MVP or Minimum Viable Product instead of POC. The MVP is the product that needs to have the least possible functionality for it to solve the problem it intended to in the first place. The creation of the MVP is considered a landmark step in the process of product engineering.

Our expertise would love to join hands with your energy and adventurousness to help your startup in the best possible ways.


The wireframe is the skeleton or the blueprint of what the product will be. With the assurance of either the POC or the MVP, the wireframe can be expected to enhance the functionalities and features of the product so that it can solve more problems in a more effective and intuitive fashion.

Product development

Once we have the wire frame in place, the next step is to build all the elements of the product that are expected to fulfill the utility of the required ecosystem. The product development stage takes care to create all the functional elements of the product. This is considered to be one of the most crucial stages in product engineering. The different parts of the product must flawlessly integrate in terms of function, data-transfer, and any other requirement.

UI/UX development

If the product development is going to give the brain and body for the product, then this stage is the one that gives the fees for the product! The UI/UX determines how people will interact with your product. The interface has to be intuitive and the experience has to be flawless. The UI/UX development stage can be considered as the garnishing stage of the product.

Our expertise would love to join hands with your energy and adventurousness to help your startup in the best possible ways.

Comprehensive testing

It is always a better deal to find the Laplace and the shortcomings of a product even before it hits the market. For this purpose, testing the product is essential. The product should be tested in multiple dimensions like the consistency of the code, the functionality of the product as a whole, the user interface, the performance the compatibility with various devices and a lot of other parameters that are intended to ensure that the product not only solves problems in specific environments but in a Universal fashion.

Taking it to the market

The penultimate stage is about taking the product to the market. identifying the problem and converting it into emotional pain point. Does the trick for marketing. It is important to capitalize on and highlight the unique selling features of the product that might give the product the much-needed bite when it comes to taking over the existing competition.

Learn, enhance and support

The world is changing a bit too fast to be satisfied with the success of the product. It is important that the product constantly acquires new features that are in line with the trends and demands of today's market and moreover, in line with the expectations of the future market. Learning from the product usage, the competition and taking intelligence from the support system of the product will ensure that the product stays updated and you stay ahead in your business!

Creating a product has its own share of phases, which is unlike developing a piece of software. Claritaz takes pride and pleasure in being a part of a small yet significant entity that has to be a crucial instrument in scripting the success of your business!