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From Vision to Launch

An idea in itself has no value. An idea gets materialized only when it is executed properly. We are adept at translating an idea into a viable product that can be used to achieve desired business results. With a seasoned team on our side, we carry out problem and solution validation to ascertain commercial viability and product-market fit. We do sufficient groundwork to ensure that the product makes a strong statement in the market.

Solution Validation

Solution Validation is an essential aspect of our product development process. We build the product with a focus on solutions. Our development team focuses on the product’s functionality, desired user interface for the target audience, and how it should be built.
We adopt validation techniques such as scenarios, user stories, mock-ups, and design sketches to arrive at the right product design in the shortest possible time.

Problem Validation

We place great emphasis on problem validation as it is a key factor in marketability. The success of the product depends on the extent it can provide solution to a problem that is prevalent. We dive deep into the product attributes and solution parameters before venturing out to build a winning product.

After validation and solution due diligence, we develop prototypes until we strike the right product that is market-ready. We take into account the views expressed by start-up founders, target users, customers, and other stakeholders and also carry out competitor analysis before releasing the final version.

Scalability and Launch

Once the architecture for the product is starting to stabilize, we focus on the product’s future and its maintenance after its launch into the market. This is the most delicate stage where there are chances of premature scaling or, in some cases, over-engineering. However, our team of experienced professionals know just the right amount of sugar for the perfect cup of coffee!
We help you add the right scale of manpower and resources for a quick development of the product. Just after the validation is over, we make a planned launch so that the product gets a viral opening in the market. Our marketing team knows the perfect timing and tactics to use the social media to yield maximum rewards and give the product a massive hit right from the launch.

Why Us

Ideas to Action

You have an idea and don’t know how to move forward. You’re concerned about limited resources, short planning span, and undecided budget – we have the answer for all your unresolved queries.

Experience of Working with 10+ Startups

Experience counts and it helps us anticipate issues before hand and build products that can give you 'quick-to-market' advantages and be able to achieve the required product-market fit. Our experience spans across various industries which can be handy while developing a product for you.

Long-term Partnership

We don’t want to stop just after developing a product for you. We would love to associate with you on a longer term and see you succeed as an entrepreneur. We want to be a part of the journey with you until you reach the stars.

Lifecycle Management

We work on your idea until it gets transformed and launched as a product in the market. We deploy our tech experts in the entire process, right from UI/UX design to developing and marketing your product on social media. We work as your technical partner when you need the most.

We're Technology Geeks

Our tech experts are development-hungry and are keen to find awesome product solutions. They are competent and up-to-date on the latest trends in design and development. We like to take up what is considered impossible by the rest of the world. You ideate, we create!

No outsourcing

We don't outsource any of our development works. Everything is done by our expert in-house team to ensure we have absolute control over development, quality, and delivery.

Round-the-clock Assistance

Challenges motivate us to push our limits. We know the real challenge starts after a product goes live in the market and that’s when you’ll need a tech team to monitor the scaling and uptime of the product. Our services are available 24/7.

Case Studies

ABOUT Claritaz

Claritaz TechLabs is a spin-off of the successful Quadruple Business Services Private Limited.

The company is ideally poised to hand hold a start-up while it takes its first steps until it makes significant progress along the way.

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