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WooCommerce Development

WordPress Has already redefined the way in which website development is looked at. If there was one exception to what WordPress could not do, it was E-commerce. However, it isn't it true anymore! WooCommerce is a simple plugin that transforms your WordPress site into a fully fledged E-commerce Store.

Our WooCommerce development services

You can convert your simple WordPress site into an E-commerce website using the WooCommerce development service of Claritaz. Claritaz has an expert team of skilled and experienced developers who can elevate the experience of your website not just on a technological level but also at and aesthetics level. We offer complete WooCommerce development solutions that include:

Theme Development

The technology might be common but the visible aspect of your website has to have its own signature. It is for this reason that we develop customized E-commerce themes for your WooCommerce website. Our team takes into consideration your requirement, your customers and more importantly, you are brands philosophy and field to make sure that it is reflected across all elements of your WooCommerce Store.

Extension Development

As the name goes, these extensions extend the utility of your E-commerce website with a small yet significant add-on. We take care to develop these add-ons and extensions and we also go the extra Mile to customize it according to your requirement of Business and customers.

Maintenance and Support

While creating a WooCommerce website is a great endeavor in itself, so is maintaining the website. We take care to give you 24/7 maintenance and support so that you stay in line with the latest of what WooCommerce has got to offer and the best of what your customers can experience.

Plugin Development

Be developed customized plugins for your WooCommerce store that elevates the experience of your WooCommerce website to a different level by giving your website the specific aspects that it needs to have with your customers in mind. It could be something as simple as customizing the end product or option in for a gift wrapping but the plugins that your E-commerce website needs are as unique as your business, and we take care to develop them and give them a proper facelift.

Migration to WooCommerce

There is nothing permanent in this world except change! It is great that you were quick enough to change to E-commerce but now, when you know of the awesomeness and versatility of WooCommerce, you might want to migrate to WooCommerce right now. We come with our expert developers help in migrating your existing E-commerce platform into a WooCommerce platform to make sure you get the best benefits without compromising on anything that your website had!

We give you the power of uncompromised quality on the utility with the most intuitive interface for you to work on in our customized applications.

Why WooCommerce?

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  • Scalability

    WooCommerce allows both cross-selling and upselling. This means that you can sell a lot of products in one shot or at least make sure that your users are aware of the existence of these products!

  • Simplicity of use

    WooCommerce facilitates the flawless integration of payment gateways, check payment options and even cash on delivery. You can also seamlessly bring in your logistics partners so that you can avail the benefits of multi-location shipping facility at both regional and international levels.

  • The social dimension

    Today's E-commerce is all about letting people know that a product or a service or a brand has been good! With E-commerce that comes back with social features, you can always share your card and your purchases and let your customers and your wider range of prospects know that you have an awesome E-commerce store! What's more? You can even make it is a promotional platform by incorporating discount coupons!

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a simple WordPress plugin that helps convert your simple WordPress site into a full-fledged E-commerce store in a matter of a few clicks! WooCommerce takes the magic of E-commerce to almost all the WordPress users, making E-commerce more democratic then it was ever before!

Claritaz has the essential expertise it requires to transform your WordPress site with all the elements of customization and without compromising on the essential aspects like design, aesthetics and more importantly, security of your customers' private information into an exemplary WooCommerce store. Perhaps, this is what makes us one of the most preferred and best WooCommerce development companies in Chennai!