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WordPress Development

Claritaz development team also specialises in creating WordPress websites. WordPress as we all know, is a content management system that makes the creation of website easier and more approachable to a lay human being who might not have the technical expertise to code a website from the scratch.

There are a few aspects that make WordPress one of the most special content management systems.

  • Easy to use interface that can help you make small changes to the website
  • Extensive adaptation that makes it ideal for resolving minor technical glitches
  • Expansive choices of plugins that make the work easier
  • Extraordinary usage adoption with more than 35% of the entire internet being powered by WordPress

Creating a WordPress website

Creating a website on WordPress does not require extreme levels of coding knowledge but at the same time, requires an intricate understanding of the user interface, the possibilities, the way in which some things have to be left rigid and somethings have to be left flexible for the user.


The Claritaz Touch

This is where the expertise of Claritaz steps in. We have our team of WordPress experts who are proficient in coding and they understand you, your requirements and your customers and users to ensure that the aspects of your website that need regular updations are left at your command and that too, in an easy-to-use interface.

More than the website

Our extensive knowledge of WordPress CMS is not just limited to development. the other areas in which are WordPress development services can extend includes but is not limited to:

  • WordPress Themes       - These WordPress themes give a visual identity to your website and each element in the team is carefully and meticulously coded.
  • WordPress Templates  - These templates ensure that all the pages of your website have the same tone in terms of appearance and even other elements like font sizes.
  • WordPress Plugins       - There are a lot of plugins that are available in the open market, both paid and free. However, if you would like to create your own customized plugin for your WordPress site, we have the essential expertise to create one for you that perfectly fits your requirement!

Making a WordPress website is a worthy investment because it is just a one time spend and the basic maintenance cost is what requires. For any minor changes, you do not have to count on your Webmaster but just do it yourself simply! WordPress makes handling your website as simple as handling your Facebook status updates!!

Why WordPress?

The art and science of creating websites who was once confined took a handful of people who had the essential development and coding skills. There were discrepancies and lines of separation between the knowledge, the market, the programming experts and the end users. The entire aspect of creating a website was so technical that the web development companies were overloaded and where overcharging at the same levels.

With the advent of the web blog or blogs as we know it, the web became more democratic and even end users started to have their own space on the web with a WYSIWYG interface. Blogspot and WordPress pioneered the revolution of blogging.

While blogger had stagnated, WordPress evolved itself into a more robust and more expensive engine which turned out to be a content management system or CMS. Today, WordPress covers more than 35% of all the websites present on the planet.

We give you the power of uncompromised quality on the utility with the most intuitive interface for you to work on in our customized applications.